Cam is a budding photographer and sports enthusiast. For his birthday, Cam’s dad buys him a vintage sports camera. While outside playing, Cam looks through the lens, snaps a photo and immediately realizes this isn’t a normal camera. It’s magical.
What appears through the lens is a series of images that shows a kid in town that needs help with his game. The camera then reveals to Cam, through another image, that it’s a mission only he and Sport must know about, and complete.

Cam and his family live in the outskirts of a busy town. He’s the middle child of a nurturing mother and a super cool father. He has an older brother who loves to give him a hard time and a bratty, yet loveable, little sister. He also has 2 close friends named Ryan and Megan. Every day his camera beeps as if the battery is dying but that’s a secret signal to let Sport and Cam know a mission is afoot. After looking through the lens and snapping an image, the inseparable duo get a task to help a kid in need in the world of sports.
In the end, Cam helps kids with their self-confidence and athleticism. And Cam is young, so he often passes along advice his Dad taught him which I’m sure would make his Dad proud.