Voice Acting

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Yummiland, Piper Peach, Sonic Vault, Los Angeles
"Peace, Love & Cupcakes" Podcast, Kylie Carson, Home Studio, Los Angeles
Bobby Wonder, McKenzie Mountslatten, Home Studio, Los Angeles
QuikTrip (TV & Radio), Morning Grooves Home Studio, Los Angeles
Invesco QQQ x NCAAW, Hologram, Home Studio, Los Angeles
Bobby Wonder, Kendra The Fairy, Home Studio, Los Angeles
Google Messages, Pink Lips, Light Blue Lips, Home Studio, Los Angeles
Expedia's "Made To Travel Fund", Promo Lead, Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Underwater Podcast, Dalia & Young Dalia, Gold-Diggers Sound, Los Angeles
Starbucks, Customer Story, Birthday Girl, Home Studio, Los Angeles 
Blippi Wonders, Season 3 and Season 4, The Sun, Home Studio, Los Angeles
"Bobby Wonder" Season 10, ZaviaHome Studio, Los Angeles
Web 5 TBD, PROMO LEAD, Studio Awesome, Hollywood
"Snoop & Sniffy" Season 5, Fifi The Butterfly, Home Studio, Los Angeles
"Snoop & Sniffy" Season 3, 4 & 5, Dan The Worm, Home Studio, Los Angeles
"Snoop & Sniffy" Season 6, Mrs. Rabbit, Aurora, MomoHome Studio, Los Angeles
"Bobby Wonder" Season 9, Khamille The CamelHome Studio, Los Angeles
"Bobby Wonder" Season 8, Joyce The Mermaid, Home Studio, Los Angeles
"Defender of Monstrovia," Sylvia The Singing Dragon, Home Studio, Los Angeles *coming soon to GoKidGo
MTV's Original Movie "Pretty Stoned," PROMO LEAD, Home Studio, Los Angeles
 Netflix's "Ganglands" Season 2, Liana, Roundabout Entertainment, Burbank
"LOL: House of Surprises,Switches, Sonic Vault Studio, Los Angeles
Miasma Chronicles Video Game, Multiple Characters, SoundBOX LA, Los Angeles
QuikTrip, EmployeeHome Studio, Los Angeles
Heinz, Female,  Home Studio, Los Angeles
Monster High on TikTokClawdeen Wolf, Home Studio, Los Angeles
Blippi Wonders, Felicia Firefly ZOOM II Studios, Los Angeles
Currex,  PROMO LEAD The Voicecaster, Burbank
AT&T,  PROMO LEAD Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Taco Bell, FRIEND 2 Home Studio, Los Angeles
Minnie Mouse Soundalike, Toy Demo  Home Studio, Los Angeles
LA Zoo PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
"Undawn" Video Game, Ashley / Dr. Kesha / Young Vincent / Lisa, Skylark Sound Studios
"Rainbow High," Coco Vanderbalt / Delilah Fields, Sonic Vault
Go Army, Know Your Army "Graduation," VO, Home Studio
Mattel & Mindshow's "Enchantimals, City Tails" SENECA SQUIRREL, Home Studio
Goldfish, Rationing Woman, Home Studio
Mattel & Netflix's "It Takes Two," ROBYN, Atlas Oceanic, Burbank
Netflix's "Standing Up," LEA Roundabout Entertainment, Burbank
FDR Park, PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
American Girl's Holiday DIY, MAKAYLA Home Studio, Los Angeles
Netflix's "Christmas Flow", Various Characters,  Roundabout Entertainment, Burbank
 Netflix's "Ganglands"  Season 1, Liana, Roundabout Entertainment, Burbank
GoKidGo's "Whale of a Tale," Zavia Home Studio, Los Angeles
Garanimals, PJ Home Studio, Los Angeles
HHS, Delta Variant Push, NEISHA  Home Studio, Los Angeles
American Girl's "GlamFam DIY"  MAKAYLA Home Studio, Los Angeles
Nickelodeon International's "Sammy & Raj," CHLOE / CLERK VoiceTrax West, Studio City
RALLY PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
COVID-19, The California Endowment, PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
American Girl's "GlamFam," MAKAYLA Home Studio, Los Angeles
American Girl's "Travel Twins,” MAKAYLA Home Studio, Los Angeles
Mattel “American Girl 80s Surprise Party,” VANESSA Home Studio, Los Angeles
Mattel “Cave Tales,” ROARALAI Home Studio, Los Angeles
Mattel “Cave Club,” ROARALAI Esho Sound Studios, Burbank, CA
Nick Jr. “Made By Maddie” PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
Nick Jr. “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate” PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
Nick Jr. “Henry Danger Force” PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
Nick Jr. “Paw Patrol” PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
Nick Jr. “2020 Summer Series” PROMO LEAD Home Studio, Los Angeles
“Magic: The Gathering” Video Game Pir, Mirror Mage, Stronghold Commander Formosa, Burbank, CA
Brooklyn Battle PROMO LEAD Dave&Dave Studio, Burbank, CA
AT&T DEMO Lime Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Facebook Marketplace LEAD, 740 Sound Studios
Vocal – Sara Sherman, Catherine Cavadini, Bill Holmes, Kathryn Horan, Donna Grillo
Group – Voicecaster (Burbank, CA), The Voiceover Doctor (North Hollywood, CA)
Adult 25-35, Young Adult 18-25, GenZ, Children
Norfolk State University, Mass Communications & Journalism